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Rosewood Center

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  Rosewood Center in Owings Mills, MD, formerly known as The Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded of the State of Maryland, was established in 1888.  This institution provided care, education, training, and habilitation of developmentally disabled children.  It admitted it's first patients in 1889.  From 1912-1961 it was known as Rosewood State Training School.  In 1958 Rosewood established the Institute for Children which provided intensive inpatient psychiatric treatment for emotionally ill children.  The children were admitted up to their 13th birth date. In 1961 the name changed to Rosewood State Hospital.  In 1969 the Hospital was renamed Rosewood Center.  Rosewood Center continues to provide care for the state's developmentally disabled citizens.


                                                  - Maryland State Archives




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